The Best BlockBit Shops as of January 2024

These are my top favorite BlockBit shops of January 2024. I am taking into account this survey for what to rate the shops on. Factors that affected these shops’ rankings is low prices, nice design, and popularity and integrity.

It was very difficult to find good shops, since most of them are closed. Luckily, I was able to find just enough to make this article.

What is BlockBit? BlockBit is a “currency” system, created by yippymishy on Scratch. With it, Scratchers can make shops and sell art, socials, and many other things. I also have my own shop, MintShop.

#1 – BlockBit Capital

By far, the best BlockBit shop is BlockBit Capital by TheFarmy. It has a decently clean interface, great prices, and friendly staff. Unfortunately, based on some recent comments, this store looks like it may be going into hiatus. You can find BlockBit Capital here.

#2 – Mintshop

This is my shop! Mintshop by BusyBird15 is a top pick because of its low prices and great interface. It offers many unique items, and even has a built-in order management system. On top of that, you can track your orders!

#3 – King’s Market

King’s Market by -King-Jack- is on the list because it has good prices and, according to comments, prompt service. It has your staples, such as thumbnail art, a follow, raffles, and ads. This shop also seems to have a cloud ordering system like Mintshop. You can visit it here.

#4 – GameBlock

GameBlock by jude10000 makes the list because of its unique interface. It has some unique options, too, and for not a bad price. Although a little pricier than the other options, Game Block is still a neat store to check out. You can find it here.

#5 – The BlockPit

Although a generic store, The BlockPit by Cha0s_mell0 offers some lower prices for some regular items. You can check it out here.